meet david

About Page4  God’s wisdom is deep, and his power is great; no one can fight him without getting hurt.

5  God moves mountains without anyone knowing it and turns them over when he is angry.

6  He shakes the earth out of its place and makes its foundations tremble.

7  He commands the sun not to shine and shuts off the light of the stars.

8  He alone stretches out the skies and walks on the waves of the sea.

9  It is God who made the Bear, Orion, and the Pleiades and the groups of stars in the southern sky.

10  He does wonders that cannot be understood; he does so many miracles they cannot be counted.

Job 9:4-10

*  I love this imagery of just how big and awesome God is.
*  I want people to see the Lord in me, in all I say and do.
* The lovely lady in the picture with me is Hannah. You may hear from her in my blog from time to time.
* I love photographs that capture the essence of a scene or a person.
*  I graduated from Campbell University with a Bachelors of Science in Biology in 2010. I am now in Nursing School at GTCC set to graduate in 2015.
*  I work at Wesley Long Memorial Hospital, and was honored with an award for Nurses Excellence (Top 1% of all of Cone Health) due in large part to my compassion in caring for others and my love for helping people.

David Cox