St. Joseph and recent happenings

I just want to start off by saying that I love PBS. It may be because I don’t have cable, but they have some of the most interesting programming. Tonight there was a program on about the atmosphere and one about the loneliest animals in the world. I don’t think their programming was this interesting when I was younger. That is the conclusion of that little thought.

I  have so much excitement to share in my new endeavor as a photographer. As you will note I have changed my branding to David Alexander Photography. Most likely this will be a welcome change as it has less negative connotations than my last name. Thank you all so much who have already visited my Facebook page! I am so grateful for your support. My Facebook is just an outlet though. If you really want to get a feel for my photography and to see my recent work then head on over to my website, On the website you can view my blog, which I intend to update regularly now that the branding change is complete. When visiting my blog make sure to like and subscribe. You can follow me on Twitter or “like” any of my pages from my blog as well. In addition you can find me over on Google+ and Instagram. I am working on uploading pictures to my website before really branching out to the social networking sites. I have links to all my current furrows on the Contacts Page.

One of the things you may notice in the Portfolio is a funny looking logo in the corner of the photos. This image is called a QR code or a 2d barcode. These barcodes are very neat in that they can come in lots of colors, sizes, and, like mine, even have the actual logo embedded in the center of the code. By scanning this barcode with a 2d barcode scanner on your smartphone or other device, such as ScanLife, you will be directed to my website! Isn’t that cool!?!

So what else will you find when you visit my website? You will find information on my pricing. Right now I am just starting out. Building my portfolio initially could be a slow process so there is no charge for having me come take your family portraits, sports pictures, senior portraits, etc. You will only pay for the end result, your pictures, and you don’t even have to buy those if you do not like them. Your album can be password protected if you wish. By password protecting your album only you and those you share the password with can view the photos inside. View your pictures on the website first and let me know which ones you are interested in buying. It is that simple!  As you can see right now my weekends are pretty open (*cough* *cough* *hint* *hint*). I am just saying I could use the experience!

The best part of my website, by far, is its great use in hosting all these photos. If you check it out now you will see photography from my recent trip to St. Joseph. While there I took some Senior Portrait Shots of Joshua, some Portrait Shots of Hannah, and some great Shots of St. Joseph itself and one of the light houses off Lake Michigan. So take a look around, and if you like what you see send me an e-mail or give me a call! Thank you again for your continued support.

And Always…Take Your Best Shot!

David Cox







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