Make ME your Photographer

Good Afternoon!

I have an exam next week and have been studying hard. I love school, but loving it does not make exam time and the end of the semester any less stressful. I have it easy though, just one class, one exam at a time, and the only other thing on my plate is a job I don’t have to bring home with me. Either way, I have taken my attention off my start-up photography business to focus on my school work. After all, photography probably isn’t what is going to pay the bills.

I do want to keep my momentum up though. I want to book my first real client. So who is it going to be? I have NO session fee and there is NO minimum purchase. $100 will get you online proofing that is 100% converted over to print or file credits! So why am I talking up my pricing? Well, what it comes down to is that you basically get a FREE photo shoot, and you only buy what you love! That seems like a pretty good incentive to book me for an hour or two.

There are plenty of other reasons I think you should let me take some shots for you though. Even though I am just starting out I have some pretty cool toys. I can shoot tethered to my iPad. What does shooting tethered mean? Shooting tethered generally refers to capturing images that are then transferred directly to the computer for immediate viewing. In my case I have the ability to do this wirelessly with the iPad! And even better than that, I can do it anywhere. Using this awesome technology means that, no matter where I am shooting, if I want to share a great shot with you, I can do that on the big, beautiful iPad display rather than on the small lcd on the back of the camera. This gives you the instant gratification of seeing a great shot right after its taken. In this case, instant gratification is good!

Password protected online albums, one on one proofing sessions, short turn around time for post processing, physical proofs on request, and the ability to accept credit cards are just a few more reasons that I could go in-depth about. I may even do that in future posts. Right now I want to show it off in person though. I want to build my client base and my portfolio. I want to convince you through practice rather than preach. If I haven’t peaked your interest yet then maybe with continued growth of my online portfolio, and exposure from posts like this one, likes, and shares from your friends, one day soon you will give me a try. I guarantee I will do my very best to go above and beyond your expectations.

In the interim visit my website I have a lot more pictures there than where you are probably following this post from. Feel free to “steal” one of my shots from Downtown Burlington or St. Joseph, Michigan for use as your timeline photo on Facebook. The only thing I ask is that you leave my watermark in place, and don’t crop it out or cover it up. Thank you all for your continued support and readership.

Always Take Your Best Shot!

F.Y.I. I got the ideas behind my pricing for the most part from This is a really great photography blog for photographers just starting out and looking to turn their serious hobby into a part-time or even full-time business. I sincerely suggest heading over and checking out this blog. It is so informative and helpful if you are just starting out like I am, or even if you are the one going to have your picture made, it doesn’t hurt to know some of the ins and outs of how photographers work so you get the most out of your session. Thanks again!

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