A long Friday.

Sometimes Friday is the longest day of the week. I know today is that way for me. What gets you through a day like that? For me, it is the hope that the freedom of a weekend and seeing the ones i love brings. Is it the hope of the weekend, of seeing your girlfriend, husband, family, or of sitting and watching tv at the end of the long day? Usually though it just takes a quick thought of something small that keeps you sane.

For me photography is a lot like this. The ability to find the perfect shot, the little bit of happiness, in an otherwise crazy, stressful world. Today at lunch, I walked over to the Cancer Center to eat. I walked up the stairs and sat down to eat my sub. I didn’t see it at first, but as I ate and relaxed the stress started to melt away. Slowly I started to notice my surroundings. I noticed the green of the grass outside through the large glass pane, the beautiful stairwell I had just come up, and the chandelier over it. Slowly my eyes wondered around the room finally landing on a purple orchid near where I was sitting. It wasn’t in an ornate pot. It wasn’t a part of a grand arrangement, but the flower served its purpose. For just a moment my focus was shifted from the stress of the day to the beauty of the flower.

I would have included a picture, but I wanted to use that story to share what makes the featured photo so special. This Shot is featured on one of Manfrotto’s pin boards on Pinterest! I think it is so great that they chose one of the photos I sent them to be a part of their new pin board and Pinterest campaign. I hope that you will go visit their page and like my photo.

If you missed my last post check it out here!

Always Take Your Best Shot!

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