Three Forks to Long Creek Falls – Appalachian Trail

I loved this blog and picture and just wanted to repost for the enjoyment of my readers as well.

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Toby Gant's Photography Blog

Long Creek Falls - Toby Gant -3482

We went out for a short hike yesterday to enjoy the warmer weather outdoors. My wife chose our destination this time. She selected a short hike along the Appalachian Trail that leads to Long Creek Falls. The drive up was almost as fun as the hike itself. We traveled almost 10 miles one way on a small forest service road. There were sweeping panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and much of the road travels along the creek.

Once on the trail, there were a couple of side trails that lead to smaller unnamed falls. (I’ll have to explore them on another trip.) The view at Long Creek Falls is worth the drive and   short hike. It is a beautiful forested area. The falls were full.

Unfortunately, for me the sun was facing the falls and to call it mixed lighting would be an understatement. It was extremely harsh lighting…

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