I have lowered the price on all of my prints and on the high-res digital files.
This change resulted from a reevaluation of the pricing of my competitors. I set my prices so that I can guarantee the quality of the prints that I offer. With the prints I offer on alternative materials, my pricing is only one and a half times more than my cost. This means that if I have to do a reprint part of that money comes out of my pocket. I did this so that I can keep my prices as low as possible.
I still have NO SESSION FEE. 
I am throwing around the idea of a Booking Deposit that will go towards print and file credits. This isn’t for right now though, just an idea I am working on for the future. I don’t want to start booking people only to have them change their minds at the last minute. You can tell me what you think in the comments below if you are reading this on Facebook.
I am very excited about this new pricing, and I really hope it invites you to think of purchasing your prints directly from me rather than just going to a 15 min. photo.
I hope you enjoy the new pricing and let me know if you have any questions!
My pricing information can be found here –
You can view my previous post here.
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