Cedar Falls, NC


Every old building and place has a story.

This is Cedar Falls, NC. It is about 5 minutes West of Franklinville, NC next to Deep River. The Featured photo for this post shows a sign for the Cedar Falls Manufacturing Company, founded in 1836. Downstairs from their office was the Post Office. For such a small building, it probably played a vital role as the central hub concerning both commerce and social ado in the area. There used to be a park across the road with a bridge that once allowed safe passage over to an island with a lone picnic table. These things are now in ruin and disrepair. This place is left as but a memory of how life once was in a small factory town. Possibly a fond memory of a day gone by where it only took one small building like this, a factory, and a church to satisfy the needs of a small community. It is a shame there are so many places just like this one littering the river banks of the South.

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