Memories for a Lifetime

SarahCoxFraser_87Since a Bridal session is the next thing on my calendar I wanted to tell a story about the bridal session I did for my sister. She was married just under a month ago, and since I moved that very next week posting her Bridal’s was not the top thing on my list. As you can see I finally got them up as the start to my bridal portfolio.
I was not really sure how the Bridal Session was going to go. My sister does not really like having her picture taken, it was hot and humid, and I am her brother… These are all things that do not necessarily bode well for a good bridal shoot in general. The session started off a little rocky as it took me a minute to set up the location and Sarah’s patience began to wear thin sitting in the Jeep in her wedding dress. We bounced back though, and before we knew it almost two hours had passed and we were done. She said at the end of the shoot, the way I interacted with her and moved us through the shoot really helped her enjoy the experience and made her feel at ease. That was great to hear since I was sure she was going to be a tough customer. She ended up choosing one of my images as her bridal portrait and we were both left with a memory for a lifetime!
I definitely still have some free weekends and evenings in the coming months, so book me now if you are interested in me helping you Take Your Best Shot!
Quick Tip: Focal Length
Focal length plays a big role in your portraiture. Did you know that a 50mm lens on a FX body (35mm on a DX body) has approximately the same viewing angle as your eyes? As a result it makes for a great focal length for just about all types of photography. This is especially true for street photography and candid photography where in most cases you are trying to capture a look or feel that people can relate to. Next time you venture out in to the real world to take some un-posed images think about using one of these standard focal lengths and see what happens! It just might help you find a new interest in photography.

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