Quick Tip For A Bride

Quick Tip: For a Bride
Getting ready for a bridal session is no easy task. Sure you already know what you are going to wear, but still there is a lot to do to get ready. As a result I wanted to throw out a Quick Five list of quick things you can do to make your Bridal Session go even smoother than just having me as your photographer.
1. Get plenty of sleep the night before. We all have been told all our lives that sleep is important. Well it is especially true the night before your bridal session and the night before your wedding!
2. Number one really leads straight in to this one. Don’t wear a lot of make-up. If you get plenty of sleep and take good care of your skin for a week or so you won’t even be thinking about this one. But on the off chance that you get the inkling to put on an extra layer to cover up those blotches, think again! I promise it is a lot easier to fix a little blemish in the computer than it is to fix a bad make-up job or to smooth out even a “good cover-up”. This doesn’t mean you have to go “all natural”, but use your discretion to not go over the top with it.
3. Bring a helper. You already know you will need your Maid of Honor to help you get around on your wedding day. You might want to think about recruiting them or your mom (or your Auntie’s Brother’s Cousin-in-Law if you like them) to come help you out when you have your Bridal Session. I know you want your bridal pictures and wedding dress to be a surprise as much as possible, but really it is a must for you to have someone to help when getting your pictures made. I am good, but I will never notice that one strand of hair that you have fought with all your life and will hate every picture it isn’t tucked behind your ear in. I just want you to look your absolute best in every photo, and you having a dedicated personal helper really helps that.
4. Make a day of it, if you can! For your Bridal Session go ahead and get pampered. This is a session completely dedicated to showing how beautiful you are in your wedding dress. If you can, get your nails done (fingers AND toes), get a facial, and take a long bubble bath. Your pictures will come out so much better if you feel relaxed and beautiful from the get-go.
5. You are beautiful! The person you are marrying feels that way too, so don’t forget that for a second!
This Quick Five list started out as a top ten, and I know I have more tips to give. I will probably have some follow ups to this since I couldn’t think of any more at the moment.
If you like my tips please comment below and let me know! Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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