The Official sign things are getting back to normal. (Part Deux)

So what happened with my computer? I updated to Windows 8.1. That is all.

After I updated I could not boot into windows. I got a BSOD every time my computer booted past the BIOS. It was terrible. I wasn’t able to get in to my HDD’s. I wasn’t able to “refresh” my system. Nothing I could do would let me access my irreplaceable pictures and files.

It was a much bigger deal this time. I could not fail. Before when I had a computer error it was less than 100 GB of stuff, and it was all mine. This time it was almost a TB of stuff and I had other peoples stuff too. I had school work that needed to be turned in the next day, photography business stuff, and every thing I’ve worked on since freshman year of college. This was a majorly inconvenient and majorly serious computer problem. It was also one that I wouldn’t solve by the next day…

It actually took two weeks and a new SSD in order to fix my problem. I might could have gotten it fixed sooner (but ya know there’s this whole school thing that takes up so much of my time). I also don’t mind the SSD purchase (one, I didn’t pay for it) since I have been wanting one for a couple years now. But, it IS fixed.

I hate that it happened, but hopefully I will make it another couple years without another problem. Guarantee that if something happens again I will be more prepared for what I need to do. At the very least I’m not out of practice any more. That still doesn’t mean I will be reinstalling the windows 8.1 update any time soon!

And…Now that my computer (life) is back to normal, what do I do? I’m sending out a disc that is long over due. I am fortunate to have already had their pictures on the interwebs, but something physical makes this so much more final. I know they will be happy to get their disc. As for me, I am just relieved it is over.


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