Date Night [page updated]

Date Night

The Date Night page is updated to send you to my NEW and much improved Flickr albums! I really like how Flickr showcases the images in your albums. If you like the new set up tell me so in the comments, better yet, like and share the photos!

This Flickr album actually still needs a little bit of work. I am still in the process of updating all of this, so here and there you could run in to something that isn’t working right or isn’t organized the way it should be. If you comment on it that helps me greatly! I will get a notification that will let you tell me what I need to fix. Hopefully everything will be taken care of by Christmas, or that’s my goal.

I will be sending out updates like this as I update my website to reflect the awesomeness that is my new organizational prowess (and the use of my new watermark)!

Some of you still haven’t gotten your Christmas cards out! Now is the time. So, from Monday through New Years, it will only be 25 dollars for a Family Christmas Card shot when you order your Christmas Cards from me as well! Contact me for more details on this *Fantastic* opportunity! I would love to help you Take Your Best Shot!

Let us know what you think!

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