UNC Pharmacy School White Coat Ceremony 2014

UNC-Pharmacy-White-Coat-Ceremony 001UNC-Pharmacy-White-Coat-Ceremony 002UNC-Pharmacy-White-Coat-Ceremony 003UNC-Pharmacy-White-Coat-Ceremony 004UNC-Pharmacy-White-Coat-Ceremony 005UNC-Pharmacy-White-Coat-Ceremony 006
UNC-Pharmacy-White-Coat-Ceremony 007UNC-Pharmacy-White-Coat-Ceremony 008UNC-Pharmacy-White-Coat-Ceremony 009UNC-Pharmacy-White-Coat-Ceremony 010UNC-Pharmacy-White-Coat-Ceremony 011UNC-Pharmacy-White-Coat-Ceremony 012
UNC-Pharmacy-White-Coat-Ceremony 013UNC-Pharmacy-White-Coat-Ceremony 014UNC-Pharmacy-White-Coat-Ceremony 015UNC-Pharmacy-White-Coat-Ceremony 016UNC-Pharmacy-White-Coat-Ceremony 017UNC-Pharmacy-White-Coat-Ceremony 018
UNC-Pharmacy-White-Coat-Ceremony 019UNC-Pharmacy-White-Coat-Ceremony 020UNC-Pharmacy-White-Coat-Ceremony 021UNC-Pharmacy-White-Coat-Ceremony 022UNC-Pharmacy-White-Coat-Ceremony 023UNC-Pharmacy-White-Coat-Ceremony 024

I thought long and hard about what I want to say regarding the White Coat Ceremony for the UNC Pharmacy – Class of 2015. The students from all three campuses assimilated for this special occasion. So, I decided that instead of droning on about how awesome and smart they all are, I would just say that the pictures that I took are up on the website.

The students and families all appreciate the significance of moving from classroom learning to clinical/experiential learning. I am also sure they recognize that in only a year they will have graduated with a Doctorate in Pharmacy. This event is significant in marking that transition. I am so proud of all of you, especially Hannah, for the countless hours of hard work you have put in to get to this point!

  • David

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