13 Sessions by the 31st

13 Sessions by the 31st
Photo Credit: David Alexander Photography | All Rights Reserved

The “13 Days of Halloween” are almost upon us. This is the time for Sweaters, Fall Festivals, and Hay Rides. It’s also the time for beautiful Fall Photo Sessions!

I need to book 13 sessions by the 31st day of this month. Contact me, tell your friends about me, and have them tell their friends!

You haven’t updated your Profile Picture or Cover Photo on Facebook in months. You have always wanted to send Christmas Cards with a photo of your family. You have an empty space on your wall, and you keep wishing you had a pretty picture to put there!

I can help you with that!!!

Click HERE or call me at 336.963.2056 to connect today! Do it now before you put it off any longer. I am waiting!

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  1. Reblogged this on David Alexander Photography and commented:

    Connect with me at davidalexanderphotos@gmail.com, 336.963.2056, or on my website http://www.davidalexanderphotography.net to book your session today!


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