Tips for a Perfect Sparkler Send-Off

Photo Credit: David Alexander Photography || All Rights Reserved
Photo Credit: David Alexander Photography || All Rights Reserved

How do you orchestrate a perfect sparkler send-off?

I wish there was a way I could guarantee this, but alas if your wedding guests have enjoyed a little too much time at the free bar…well good luck!

  • Your first step is not to skimp on the sparklers. Sure, you can get the 12 box pack of 30 second sparklers for $6.50, but by the time everyone get’s their sparklers lit the first ones will start to go out. Meanwhile you haven’t even been given the go-ahead to burst into the scene! Spend more money and get the sparklers that will last you four minutes instead (eight times as long). This will give everyone time to get their sparklers lit (regardless of intoxication), allow you to take your time making your way through the cloud of sparks, and possibly give you time to do it twice if your photographer didn’t get THE shot on the first go around!
  • Light Sparklers with Sparklers. I’m going to preface this by saying, if you have a wedding planner, they probably already know this. Light the sparklers on each end of the line with lighters, and then have your guests light each others sparklers with theirs. Sparklers burn way hotter than a lighter. This is by far the easiest and fastest way to light 100 sparklers simultaneously, giving you the longest amount of time in the lime light.untitled 6
  • The line up. Everyone should be lined up and ready with their sparklers before the first one is lit, this includes the bride and groom. I like the bride and groom to be just inside or around a bend ready to pop out on cue!
  • If you don’t have a wedding planner, have good help. A wedding coordinator/planner is always best for these situations, but if you don’t have one you can make due with some really organized friends and practice. Have your friends tell your guests how to hold the sparklers, not to wave them around, and where to stand. Practice lighting a few sparklers in advance with them (maybe after the rehearsal), so they will be comfortable helping other people. You want to make sure all the sparklers get lit without hangups!
  • Once it’s time to GO… remember to slow down and follow these tips!
    • Take your time walking to your getaway vehicle! This one really can’t be stressed enough. In low light, and with sparklers doing their thing in the background, your photographer is going to be using a slower shutter speed. Fast movement in the dark equals blurry photos. To help your photographer get the shots, take it slow!Untitled 7
    • Kiss the girl!This one should seem obvious, but you probably aren’t really thinking about taking your time getting home at this point in the night. Make a conscious decision to get about halfway down the aisle, stop and kiss passionately (like you just got married or something). Your friends and family will cheer you on, and it will make for absolutely gorgeous pictures, like the one above!

These are our best tips for a successful sparkler send-off! As mentioned above, they aren’t guaranteed, but your chances are much better by following these tips.

This is the last memory you will have of your wedding day, and I hope it turns out beautiful!

Do you have any additional tips or comments for someone looking to do a sparkler send-off at their wedding? If so we would love to hear them in the comments section.

Let us know what you think!

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