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Ralph Waldo Emerson Masters Taking Steps

If you never take the first step, how do you ever expect to be a master of anything?

For me, I took the first step towards becoming a photographer a long time ago. I picked up a camera at a very young age, and in fact, I have a wooden camera my dad made for me sitting by my television. For me, it’s those steps after the first one.

There is fear lurking around ever turn when starting your own business. You have the skills, you know you can perform, but to get clients, you have to actually TELL people what you are doing. You have to tell people that you “photograph” weddings, portraits, and events in their area. You have be open to rejection. Open to people criticizing, not just your work, but you personally. And then, after you are told NO; after you are told that you aren’t good enough, or you cost too much or too little, you have to get up and talk to someone else. If someone doesn’t like what you are doing, that’s not the client you want to be going after anyways.

I want smart, dapper couples that LOVE spending time being active and outdoors together!

These are my ideal clients! How scary is it to even admit that these are the people that are going to get the most from your business? How scary is it knowing an admission like that could drive some people away from your brand?

What thing in your life are you having trouble moving past the first step in? Your relationship, your spiritual walk, your health?

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