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How to get your iPhone fixed…

Before you take your iPhone to get replaced on insurance you should check out your options first.

I have Verizon. We pay the $10/month for cell phone insurance, but when I broke my iPhone last night I found out Asheboro Wedding Photographersomething interesting. That insurance still has a $200 deductible that needs to be met for them to fix/replace your phone. So you end up paying $10/month for something that really doesn’t help you unless your repair bill will be over $200.

Well what about AppleCare+? After your initial $99 payment, you will still be shelling out $79 to get that screen replaced. And you can’t purchase AppleCare+ after the phone breaks like you used to. So if you are reading this and your screen is already broken this isn’t even an option for you. Either way, that is still $178 out of your pocket, just for a broken screen!

Obviously I am going somewhere with this, and there is a better option for you than shelling out nearly $200 for an iPhone repair. Did you know the Genius Bar at Apple stores are good for more than just making you wait in hilariously long lines? They can also repair your broken iPhone out of warranty for a fee. Unfortunately, I do not have a full list of prices for iPhone6 repair, but I do know that if you break that precious, uber-fragile screen on the new iPhone it will cost you $109. That is $10 more than the initial AppleCare+ cost. Oh, and if you are thinking, but AppleCare+ covers two “events”. Well if you aren’t concerned about water or corrosion in your iPhone, two screen replacements will only run you $218 while AppleCare plus two screen replacements at $79 a piece is $257.

It’s worth noting that I read somewhere that some credit card companies have cell phone “insurance” as one of their many benefits. It may not cover the cost to replace that precious device when it breaks, but with $200 worth of coverage it might be enough to pay to have that screen fixed! Usually you have to have paid your cell phone bill with that credit card for the current billing cycle to activate the benefit, so it is worth checking in to for sure!

I am sure the “geniuses” can fix other things without replacing the whole iDevice too, just saying. So save yourself some money, and just pay to get it fixed rather than dealing with all the different ways to lose money to the insurance.

And…I got my iPhone fixed today (it did take HALF of my day, but it’s fixed).




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