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So, you are just starting to plan your wedding, but you feel completely overwhelmed!

Trust me, I understand! You sat down to work on one thing, just one, but since you didn’t really have a plan on what you were going to start with, you ended up browsing facebook for an hour.

In order to plan your wedding successfully, you can’t sit down thinking you are just going to do it all in one sitting. Break it down in to smaller bites that you can do one at a time.

Here is an example of how to cull down your wedding guests…Try breaking it down by family first! This is a five day plan starting on Monday. On Monday, start by sitting down and going through his family. See who you want to send an announcement, and to whom you want to send an invite. Do his family first, because that’s probably the only ones he really cares about, and by getting his list done first he will probably be more willing to help you through the rest. Tuesday, is for your side of the family. Yes, you want them all to be there, but try to be reasonable with how many of his family members you cut. Wednesday, focus on family friends and your churches. This one could be difficult, since you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. It might be helpful to call in parental guidance when it comes to this part of the list! They will know who is a must, and who will get by with just an announcement! Thursday is probably your hardest day for you. You will need to sit down and cut some of your friends. For these, it might be nice to include a personal note with every announcement that you appreciate their friendship, and thank them for their continued support of your marriage. This will help them to not feel rejected by not being invited to your wedding. It will also be good to decide whether you have room for your bridal party to bring a +1 on Thursday, because the final tally is conducted Friday! When conducting your final tally, don’t be afraid to remove a few more names from the list since you have mulled over your selections for another day or two.

After tallying your Friday totals, pat yourself on the back, because you have just completed your “Five Days to a Guest List”!

Do you have any tips for brides currently planning their own weddings?

If you know anyone currently planning their wedding, or recently engaged, please refer me! I am currently booking weddings for 2015 and would love to talk to them about photographing their very special day!

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The 12 Month Guide to the Perfect Wedding

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