I have a major problem with my website, and only you can help me! Guess how?

So before I get in to the one thing you need to do right now, I want to let you in on a secret! My portfolio isn’t a good representation of the images I have been creating recently!

What do I mean?

Photo Credit: David Alexander PhotographyI mean that I am not showing a body of work to my future clients that is up to my current standards. This is a BIG problem for me. I want to bring in smart, young, dapper clients like you, but I can’t do that if you don’t like what’s on my website to draw you in!

So here is the one thing I NEED you to do! I need you to give me a call today.

Now, I’ve got something for you too of course! If you call me today, and we get to meet in Asheboro to shoot tonight, Then your session, and your choice of 5 images (a $200 value) is absolutely free! Not to mention a personalized onlineĀ album, where you can order prints and share with your friends on social media!

My number is 336.963.2056. I am awaiting your call!

So with nothing to lose, let’s meet tonight and do something dapper!

Let us know what you think!

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