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Where are you located, and (more importantly) do you travel?

I am located in Ramseur, North Carolina, but I would love to travel wherever your wedding is! Traveling and getting outside of my little town is something I love to do. Shoot me an email and we can discuss any possible travel fees. Just saying, but travel fees are at cost… not jacked up like a taxi fare!

When should I start to think about booking a photographer for my wedding?

For weddings, about a year in advance is best. It can really depend on the date though. May, June, September and October are called “wedding season” and can book fast for good reason! That doesn’t mean don’t contact me if you are in crunch time, but sometime around a year is just a good rule of thumb.

How would you describe your style in two words?

If I had to describe my style in two words it would be Rustic Luxe. I like bright, bold colors (green is my favorite!). I love capturing genuine smiles and eyes that make you wonder what that person is thinking. I really don’t like posing people, but it’s my job to be able to point you in the right direction so you look your absolute best in front of the camera!

Are your wedding packages adjustable?

Totally, completely, postivilutely…Ok, I made the last word up. But, I aim to please. I have offered to do four hours of wedding coverage for as little as three-hundred dollars just to help out a bride and groom that needed it. I will work with you however I can so that you have the best photographer (hint, hint) to help you capture your once in a lifetime moments and the details that make it all come together!

What’s an ‘unplugged’ wedding? Should we do that?

Basically an unplugged wedding is when you STRONGLY encourage your guests to keep their phones and cameras down/off at the wedding and just enjoy being there with you. You should watch this video and read this blog to see why it would be a great idea for your wedding to be unplugged. If you ask me, UNPLUG IT!

Is an engagement session optional?

Well, you can do it for 10% off when it’s booked with your wedding, so why not! What if the first time the two of you have been in front of my camera together is your wedding day? An engagement session is a great time for us to get to know each other. I want to learn about how you met, how you fell in love, and how much I can get you to loosen up around me. Not only that, but you need to see how I work and be comfortable with me as well! Plus, what is the fun of Facebook without Engagement Pictures to blow up everyone’s “Newsfeed” with, Right?

Do you offer wedding albums?

I do! They are catered to fit your needs as well. We can pick from a variety of cover materials from leathers to really cool colored canvases. There are also a variety of page number and paper type and thickness options. I have simplified this down as much as possible in the Shop. Here is a link to a cool video put out by Miller’s Professional Imaging with information about their Signature Albums.

I’ve got a friend/family member/friend of a friend/my uncle who said they’d shoot my wedding for me. I really don’t have the money to book a professional…

First, I want to say that I have been that friend. I also can’t tell you how many of my friends don’t like their wedding pictures, and had a ‘friend’ to do it. This is one of the biggest days of your life. If you think about everything that goes into your wedding day, you have spent months planning and making everything PERFECT (dress, cake, flowers, even nail polish). Trust me; the actual day is going to go by so fast you will not even remember seeing most of those details you worked so hard on. The whole day will be one fantastic, happy blur. Beautiful images that capture all the wonderful details of your wedding day are the simple reason to hire a professional wedding photographer. Without one all you may be left with are blurry images to match your blurry memories. Read this article, if your mind hasn’t been changed already maybe this will help! My hope is that even if you do not hire me you will pleeease hire another professional photographer for your wedding day! I will add that my sister had her/our uncle do her wedding photography, and he was great. Granted, he is a professional photographer out of Dalton, GA (CLCphotography.com).

What are the steps to reserving you to photography my wedding?

Click the booking tab, and go to town. Of course I always recommend that we actually sit down for a face-to-face to discuss the many details of your day. If you have any questions start by e-mailing or calling me (connect with me)!

As far as my wedding goes, just how many images will I end up with?

It depends on multiple aspects such as the length of ceremony and reception. I would estimate that you’ll walk away with  500+ edited, high resolution images… and that is just from the wedding… not to include any bridal, engagement, or any other sessions we might have done!

Got my gallery! Will you change all the images you have in black and white to color?

I put a lot of time and effort into editing those images just so, are you saying you don’t like them!?! Haha, if you come across an image that is black and white, I thought it was a timeless moment that fit that style of editing. If you just super, really want one or two images in color (or vice versa, or just a diff. Style of editing all together) I will be happy to do that for you. If you still aren’t convinced and want all the images that are in black and white delivered in color, I’ll be happy to send you my hourly rate.

Do you have any suggestions on where we should do our session?

I like to shoot at places you enjoy. Do you like water, old buildings, pretty house, trees, parks, the mountains, the beach, etc? However, I’m always down for new, exciting places too. Before your session, look up some places or ask friends if they know of any good spots. I love to mix it up and shoot at new locations. I do have a handful of places I like, including my own back yard if you’re not sure.

What other things can/should I bring to the session?

In my opinion, props always make the shoot fun! Do you want to do a specific theme? Vintage, formal, travel, a movie?  You pick something and bring the props/accessories. Your session should be unique like you, and we will create images that showcase that!

What do I wear to my session?

I am working on a client cheat sheet to help you be dressed to the nines for your session. Let me just say, have some fun with your outfit. Even better, go shopping and get something new! You know how new clothes make you feel confident and pretty (even for the guys)…well that shows in your photos. So put on a little more makeup, get a fresh trim, and paint those nails to give you the boost to look and feel your best! As far as post-processing goes…If you have a pimple (don’t worry, it’s gone!), but I can’t/won’t make you something you are not. You can click here to see boards we put together for inspiration on what to wear and bring to your session, basically all kinds of cute ideas for your type of session (I do lots of pinning). I might start a board just for cute outfit ideas. Click here to see color pallets you could go with. And I found a link to a fantastic article by Sarah-Beth Photography which you can check out here  for even more outfit advice and inspiration!

Do you have a studio?

No, I don’t. I shoot almost exclusively outdoors. I will do newborn sessions and weddings/receptions indoors, but I definitely prefer natural light! I do have a large backdrop (black or white) and a garage perfect for shooting indoors, but I much prefer to shoot on location if possible.

I have an indoor location I want to shoot at. Will you do it?

We can, but shooting portrait sessions indoors will require more equipment and setup. So please allow a little bit of extra time for an indoor session on location.

Do you offer the pictures on a USB or a DVD?

I can do you one better! You’re able to download all your images straight from your Pixieset gallery. So can your family and friends if you want. They are the same edited, high-resolution images you would get on a USB or DVD without waiting for UPS or the mail! This fantastic sharing solution comes standard for all sessions and weddings.

When will I get to see my pictures?

For portraits sessions, I generally get your images up for you to see in 2-3 days. For weddings and other events, no more than 2-3 weeks. I really strive to have your images back to you as quickly as possible! And if you need a photo or two that day for a gender reveal, etc. I can do that too! Plus, I always try to do some fun sneak peeks along the way!

Pixieset sounds like some type of fairy dust. What is it and why is it so special?

All clients receive a Pixieset Gallery. This gallery is good for at least 2 years, and you (and anyone you share it with) can order high quality prints straight from the gallery! The quality of these prints is far superior to anything you could get at Wal-Mart or CVS (trust me, I have tried them, and I have samples to prove it). The other thing that makes this way of delivering images so awesome is that you have the option to download all the images at once!

Do you have a mobile app?

You can create your own personalized app for your iOS or android device! Follow this link for instructions: mobile app instructions. It isn’t just adding a bookmark to your homepage; for the iPhone, the album will open outside of Safari.

Can I (or my family/friends) buy digital images individually if they want to make me a present?

Yes, definitely! Print optimized images are available at $5 apiece, or they can purchase the whole set of print optimized images for the session price from the shop! They will be free to surprise you with all the fun decoupage presents they can dream up!

What size are the delivered images?

Images are sized for up to an 8×10 print. You can also download web optimized versions with my watermark on them for sharing to facebook, pinterest or twitter. (Hint: you can also share directly from your album)

Why do you not offer larger file sizes?

The majority of clients will print the majority of their images at 8×10/12” or smaller. The details become more evident as the print size increases and I like to be able to give the image a second pass to make sure that you will be 100% satisfied with the results when printing larger than that.

May we choose our second photographer?

I exclusively select and reserve the second photographer. If you have someone in mind I will consider them, but it is very possible that I will not use them. I had a wedding where the bride’s friend was going to second shoot for me. The friend did not show up leaving me to shoot the wedding solo. It was fine, and the images came out great, but I do not want to be put in that situation again.

Do you shoot more than one event on my wedding day?

When a couple reserves me for their wedding date, they are my only priority for the day! I give my weddings all my attention and I do not book any type of additional sessions on the same day as a couple’s wedding.

Do I have permission to print the photos? Can I use them on Facebook/everywhere else?

You can order high quality prints directly from your Pixieset gallery! You also have the option to download/share the web optimized images for free, and to order print optimized images for personal printing. You may not sell, edit, alter (this includes Instagram), or advertise using these images in any way without my prior approval and appropriate compensation. Yes, I strongly encourage you to share your images to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and every other social site you can think of! I just ask that if you post your images somewhere online, that you please state clearly that the photos were taken by David Alexander Photography. The way I recommend doing this is by putting “Photo Credit: David Alexander Photography” in the description.

What if I really want to share my photos on Instagram (IG)?

Just ask me! I can crop an image to a 1:1 ratio and send you an image optimized for IG. I just want my images to be displayed in their best light. This, and not adding filters to the images, makes sure of that. Oh, and of course tag me in the image when you post it, or especially pictures of me doing my thing! I love Instagram for that stuff 🙂 For the record, if you do post an image to IG, I’m not going to sue you or anything. But please do tag me in anything you post that includes my images in it and preferably don’t use filters. If I think the image is fine then I’ll probably just like it and move on with my life. If it really doesn’t look that great then I will probably just send you an IG optimized version and ask you to replace it.

Can I have the unedited files? I want to do some editing of my own.

I do not release my unedited or RAW files. Sorry!

Are there any taxes or fees added to my payment?

10% of the total cost will be added to the final payment. I know, taxes and fees stink.
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